Street Style. The asymmetric hairstyle and the parka.

Chica con corte asimétrico y parka beige.

The asymmetric haircut and the parka
The modern against the classical, or vice versa.
In Barcelona lately one can often see very asymmetric haircuts, which give the person a daring and vanguardist air.  The layer of hair falling over this girl’s face brings out her pretty eyes and favors a game of duality between the men’s look and the women’s look.  In turn, the modernity of the haircut is compensated with the parka’s classicism; the parka, with its voluminous collar, also compensates the protagonism of the haircut.


3 Responses to Street Style. The asymmetric hairstyle and the parka.

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  2. Noor says:

    Es verdad que los cortes asimetricos estan muy in. A mi me cuesta hecerme a ellos, pero a esta chica le queda muy bien.

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