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Manuel Bolaño at 080 Barcelona.

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080 BARCELONA FASHION. Manuel Bolaño Fall / Winter 2012

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Street Style.080 BARCELONA… Manuel Bolaño Spring Summer 2012



This is the title of the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection by Manuel Bolaño, the young designer of Galician origins.
This is fundamentally a woman’s collection, occasionally accompanied by several masculine looks. Looks for a coquettish man who reminds us of the XIX century English dandy, who wears summer tweed-like fabrics or cottons with summery patterns over pastel palettes.
In contraposition to the jovial man, Manuel Bolano’s woman is crying black tears.  Perhaps it is the heart of the woman that needs mending.  In the first feminine looks the woman dresses in black – with some touches of color warning that there may be a possibility of alleviating the sadness in that heart – with a melancholy that evokes mourning, and clothes exhibiting sober tailoring, well finished and polished off.  Coats with meticulous stitching, raglan sleeves, and black fabrics flecked with pastels alternating with the solid black.  Through a special ability to mix fabrics, textures, and prints, the flowers, the wide stripes, the tailoring, and the complements, the woman recovers from her sadness bit by bit: short trouser – lose or very tight; apron overlays, or flower bouquets coming from under the clothes, or small skulls adhered to the fabric near the chest and not looking the part, since their colors are vivid.  Of particular interest is Bolano’s use of the bow.  You can find it in the man as well as in the woman in the form of a bow tie, and, moreover, in the woman the bow tie grows oversize and becomes a pretty tailoring form, elaborate, and original, which resolves a few garments in a very artistic form in spite of the complexity intrinsic to developing a design of these characteristics.  In this way, it looks as though the woman gets rid of her sorrows, although she goes on weeping.
This hopeful affliction to which Manuel Bolano has us accustomed leaves us with the sensation of having witnessed a quality show of considerable artistic content.
*Photographs by Spain Street Style

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